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Dedicated in Research and Development of natural capital valuation methods, as well as generalized and tailored-made financial, banking and insurance instruments that respond to the needs of the circular economy.

Evotropia Data Analytics
Data Analytics

Panel data econometric methods in order to reveal the complex relations between ecosystems and economic units.

Evotropia Ecological Finance
Ecological Finance

Quantitative methods for valuing ecological investments and design financial contracts that are coupled to ecological underlying indices, covering a significant market gap.

Evotrpia Circular Stock Market
Circular Stock Market

Wastes are just compounds with unidentified economic potential. We develop waste taxonomies to provide this information and maximize value-added from their real-time trading.

Evotropia Education Image
Sustainability Education

The corner stone of our business ethics and philosophy is the provision of quality education on the concept of Sustainability, from introductory to advanced level.

Stock market for the circular economy

An information and trading tool of industrial wastes in real-time that supports industrial ecology investments and infrastructure at all scales.

Evolutionary Business

With a major undergoing paradigm shift towards the circular economy, called the “4th Industrial Revolution”, we engage in the following cutting-edge business fields that lead economic science to its next evolutionary step.



As Alfred Marshall eloquently postulated in his Principles of Economics (1890), “In the later stages of economics, when we are approaching nearly to the conditions of Life, biological analogies are to be preferred to mechanical”.

Natural Capital

After billions of years of evolution, nature has created and accumulated capital in various forms, we call “natural resources”.

Integrated Metrics

The environment and the economy are co-evolving systems. Integrated metrics are necessary to reveal their complex energetic relations.

Waste Informatics

The development and constant enrichment of waste classification methods is of vital importance to create structured waste databases and knowledge libraries on their potential economic utility.

Responsive Materials

Artificial materials from recyclables with increased responsiveness to external signals, energy efficiency and stress performance.

Industrial Ecology

A form of industrial organization based on the paradigm of natural ecosystems, introducing “socioeconomic biomimetics”.

Compounds Leasing

This new breed of financial contracts couples payments to the range of services that an amount of a chemical compound can perform.

Ecosystems Finance

Ecosystems are nature’s labs, producing a wide range of products and services of high value-added that can be preserved and grow if economic units invest in them.

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