EVOTROPIA is a startup company that develops natural capital valuation methods, as well as ecological finance tools for the circular economy. The company’s vision is to contribute to the ongoing geconomic paradigm shift from the linear to the circular economy ,establishing socioeconomic biomimetics through the design of efficient circular economy markets.

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Our Vision

Contribute to the economy’s evolution towards circular structures, following nature’s paradigm and establishing “socioeconomic biomimetics”. Our vision drives us to design sophisticated circular economy markets in local, national, regional and global level.

Our Identity

EVOTROPIA etymologically derives from the combination of the Latin word “Evolutio”, which means “to unfold” and the Greek word “Τροπή” (EN: Tropi), which means “tendency”. Hence, our company’s name declares our devoted work on the human economy’s natural tendency to advance via learning from nature in order to unfold its internal potential.
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